7/11/15 Garage sale preparation became a soul winning event.

[Praising God for a sinner that repented.]  When you surrender to the Lord’s call to be a missionary you will find opportunities to share the faith in any and every setting.  We planned a Saturday garage sale to work on selling our goods to be ready to put our home on the market for sale.   On Thursday, while working outside on pricing items for the sale, a man stopped by early that had seen the add in the newspaper.  The Holy Spirit was showing me that the man, Ismael, was understanding the signs of the times and the error of Catholicism and it was to the point of being willing to repent and turn to Jesus.    He accepted the invitation with readiness of heart to  pray to receive Jesus.  We got on our knees in the front yard of my home and Ismael confessed the name of Lord Jesus.    We praise the Lord for Ismael’s new found faith.