7/30/15 Letting go. (Matt.19:16-30)

The moment you surrender your life to Jesus, you do well to give all your wealth up to the ownership of Jesus and to personally surrender to become a steward of your wealth as unto the Lord.  Now that our home is on the market, we are really dealing with reality of letting go.  It’s a good thing when you hold on to the promises of Jesus in this passage that the Lord gave in response to the beloved Peter.  Jesus will take care of his followers.  The rich young ruler however missed out on this promise on two accounts.  First, he had a lot to sell, which would have been a great sacrifice yielding a great deal of eternal benefits.  Second, and most important, he missed out on the very invitation from the mouth of the Lord Jesus to follow him.   Jesus is probably not asking you to sell all your goods and give to the poor, but he most assuredly is asking you to follow him today.   We can help you know how to become a follower of Jesus, but it is up to you to respond to him.  Contact us if we can be of help to you.  You can also go to the “Receive Salvation” page to understand these steps.  Blessings!