9/18/15 Sold! Closing date is set.

On August 18th we accepted an offer for sale of our home and set our closing date for September 25th.  Our big estate/garage sale September 12th was very successful allowing us to sell about 3/4 of our stuff.  We thank the Lord for the help that we received to pull it off.  There were many opportunities to witness to folks as well as making connections with various churches just by talking to people.  One such contact was with a Honduran christian brother who is originally from the town of Puerto Cortez.  These are exciting times.

In answer to prayer, God provided a fully furnished rent house that is within our budget and does not require a lease.  Jesus said, “ask and ye shall receive” and that is just what we did.  The answer came within a couple of days.

As of today we have dates booked for presentation of ministry to 7 churches before the middle of November.  One week long event is a combined effort of 5 churches, which is a pretty good arrangement to maximize exposure.   Please pray for us and contact us through the contact us page.  Blessings to you in the mighty name of Jesus.