11/16/15 Speaking Other Languages for Jesus – Acts 22:2

Two weeks ago I attended a four day missions conference at a very large, successful Spanish Independent Baptist Church in North Houston.  Everything was from the perspective of Spanish speaking people towards the ministry of the Gospel going out to the world.  What I found particulary interesting were the testimonies of the pastors who traced their salvation experience to North Americans who came to their country and preached the message of Jesus Christ.  These missionaries answered the call of God to leave their home country, learn another language and devote their lives to this work.  The apostle Paul in Acts 22:2 got special attention from his audience when he spoke the Hebrew language, but take note that this was a multi-language world that Paul lived in.   What really impressed me this Sunday as I preached in the Spanish language at a Spanish church in Cleveland Texas, was the fact that I don’t see many American Christians learning Spanish as an opportunity to expand their outreach.  Whereas it’s good that many North American Christian churches provide space for Spanish congregations to use, that still does not really provide a connection between the two groups of people.  The North Americans don’t know what they are missing by not learning additional languages.  My prayer is to excel in the Spanish language to have a harvest for Jesus.