12/31/15 You will know they need Jesus by what they say.

Getting started in the country requires going from place to place to get, shall we say, connected and results in having undivided attention of a clerk, sales person or technician.  This gives me the opportunity to share the calling of Jesus to the ministry in Honduras.  I spoke with a young lady yesterday that was suffering from a broken heart due to a break up of a relationship.  Being careful not to assume, accuse or be perceived as judgemental, I talked about God’s perfect plan for couples and the problems that result from failing to follow him.  I found out she had been an attender of an evangelical church all of her life and even said she had been a Christian since her birth, but I shared with her that a person becomes a Christian only by having a second birth through the Spirit according to John 3:3.  As I began to talk more about God’s plan for couples, she replied, “But this is Honduras” as if to say that can’t apply to this culture.  Oh, but it can.

Through this conversation one of the needs for this country is revealed.  God is calling out a people unto peace with himself for the blessing of forsaking the devil’s plan, (which is to operate under the lusts of the flesh), to turn to Jesus and his work and be saved and walk in holiness.  My friend, it’s time for the people of God to make an end of sin [Heb. 12:10, 14].