3/22/2016 The Kingdom of God Comes with Power (Mark 9:1)

It’s holy week here in Honduras.  The catholics are doing the things they always do.  They carry the figure that is supposed to be Jesus from one place to another.  But God is neither in these rituals nor honored by them.  He didn’t instruct His church to do them.   According to catholic church, this thing called Easter celebrates the ressurrection of Jesus as fulfillment of Mark 9:1, “the kingdom of God come[s] with power.”  As far as the Bible goes, the text following Mark 9:1, the record of the transfiguration, is the certain and true fulfillment of the promise.  In case you didn’t know, the catholic church considers its teaching to be more authoritative than the Bible.  Easy to see why God is not in their rituals.   God is not in egg hunts.  I am quite sure he finds them offensive because of their connection to demonic idols.

Dear Christian, stay away from these things that are associated with the common practices of Easter today and stay focused on the cross of Christ, the ressurrection.  Come out from among them and be ye separate.   Seek to be found in him [Jesus] without spot or blemish.