3/24/2016 Preparation to Remember the Resurrection

This week is holy week or “Semana Santa” in Spanish.  The holy week increases the amount of people in the cities.  That’s what I was told and so far I have found it to be true for La Ceiba.  Banks are closed today through Sunday.  Sure not that way in the US to be closed that many consecutive days.  The lines of people outside the banks were unbelievable.  Before you bank employees move here to take a job let me say that banks are open on Sundays here, though maybe not all locations.

So, what are all these people doing?  Some are giving attention to their religious practices and superstitions because that’s the dominant thing in the culture.   What I see for the most part are people just focusing on temporal things such as food, alcohol, trips, and material things.  This is my first time to be in the country during holy week.

This weekend I will be preaching on the resurrection.  I can’t even bring myself to use the common name of the world’s system of religion.  You know which one I am talking about.  Easter, of course. For all my years as a Christian and understanding what my Jesus did for me, I can’t bring myself as a preacher to call this an Easter message.  Seems to me I would be showing acceptance or association with it.  The principal thing though is for me to focus on preaching the message that will get people on their way to heaven.  I will preach the cross, the crucifixion, and resurrection; the cross because of our sin, the crucifixion to take away our sin, the resurrection to lead us away and beyond our sin.

It was an awesome day to be outside in the breezeway preparing a sermon.  I can glance about on occasion and take in the beauty of the mountains.  Love drawing close to the Lord here.