5/02/2016 Ant Invasion (Prov. 6:6-11)

The warm climate makes this country teaming with ants of all sizes.  Everytime I see them I think of Proverbs chapter six, starting in verse 6 that says, “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.”  I am not lying around thinking about the ants, but usually dealing with them while busy doing things such as in this case.

One night we were in the middle of cooking and happended to notice a really, really large ant of about 3/4 inches appear crawling on the floor.  Not so unusual to have an occasional visitor like this.  The fly swatter takes care of them and you keep right on working.  But, it was not long before there were more and more popping up.  I looked up to see where they were coming from and they were crawling through the seams around the acoustical ceiling tiles.  I knocked them down and swatted them until there were no more.  My suspicions of a march going on up in the attic space were confirmed when I saw a string of them running along the top of the wall in our kithchen/living room area.  After I filled up the dust pan with the dead ants, I called my neighbor to come and look at them.  He came, saw them, and told me there are actually bigger ones than that here in Honduras.  Interesting.  After he had left to return to his home, I got a phone call from him about 10 minutes later.  I could tell immediately from the sound of the smacking fly swatter in the background that the ants had marched over to his house.  He was laughing and calling to tell me about it.  We’re not sure what those ants would eat, but we’re glad they didn’t find any thing here.  As far as the Proverb 6:8, I already had my food and no plans to share with the ants.