5/04/2016 House Church

In the book of Acts, the early church’s meeting places included peoples’ homes.  This is a common practice even as yet today for missionaries working to plant churches.  We are witnessing the beginning of our first house church.  One of the employees of a local business that I visit regularly was prompted by some things that I said to him to commit to using his home for the start up of a church.  His work schedule was a hindrance to church attendance, but he decided to make a commitment to a certain time on Sunday evening any way.  The Lord is blessing it by causing others to join in.  I can’t begin to express how exciting news this is.  We already have four families involved and will be having services weekly.  We praise the Lord for using us to get this going.  Hope to have some video of an upcoming meeting.  Please pray for us for safety and anointing for ministry of the Gospel.