12/07/2016 Tires & Wires

One vehicle is what we depend on to get back and forth to our ministry areas.  You can nurse bad battery connectors and an old battery only so long as you wait for that special love offering that never comes.  Eventually it catches up to you.  It was after dark during an emergency grocery store run, when the battery just pooped out on me.  Yes I had to call a friend to come and use my jumper cables for the first time.   That got me home.   I had to park on the street for the night in order to get a jump start from someone in the morning to go into town and get a new battery.  In the morning I was greeted by a flat tire too.  I got my jump start and used my air pump to breath life back into the tire and went into town.  I got the new battery and terminals for $137.  Fortunately the tire could be patched, although the leak was on the sidewall.  I was so glad I was able to save the tire for now.   It went flat on me twice before I was able to get it to a repair shop.  I stopped as quick as I could to avoid ruining the tire.  Being stranded with mechanical problems on the mission field is pretty tough.  You praise the Lord no matter what, but especially for every little thing that goes in your favor.   Every place I was stranded, or having to make an emergency stop, was far better than some.  I praise the Lord for that.  Now I am still praying for that special love offering.  I think the truck is safe to drive to our ministry area for now.  Thank you Jesus that you promise to never leave us, nor forsake us.  Back to soul winning.

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