02/09/2017 Waiting on the Lord

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

In war – I have always understood that a victory is dependent on a good supply line.  If you don’t have fuel for transportation, ammunition, and provisions for soldiers, you can’t expect to win.  My weaponry, according to 2 Cor. 10:4, is spiritual and mighty.  It cannot fail or run out, because it is from God.  Even though my transportation is running out of fuel and sometimes I have to wait for funds to come to refuel, my ability to wage the spiritual warfare is not limited.  Let’s put “waiting” into perspective as taught in the book of Psalms.  First, we find that waiting is not just a periodic condition but rather a moment by moment attitude as seen by Psalm 25:5, “..on thee [God] do I wait all the day.”  This kind of “waiting” is what I am doing while I am actively working.   There is no sitting around to this “waiting”.   It is similar to a paradox.  See also Psalm 37:7.  Second, we see “waiting” on God that takes the form of a launched attack against the enemies of God and his children.  Psalm 33:20, 27:14, 37:7,9,34, and 40:1-4 are examples of this type.   The Word of God is the sword that we thrust out by preaching and evangelism.   Stand with us in this war to save souls.  Get Involved

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