05/22/2017 Romans Witnessing Tracts: Your Part – Luke 8:11

Epistol to the Romans gospel tracts RV1960 Spanish
Epistle to the Romans gospel tracts RV1960 Spanish

We attended language school in Costa Rica for 12 weeks and just returned to Honduras a few days ago.  We made the decision to drive because we planned to pick up several thousand copies of the Book of Romans gospel tracts on our way back through Nicaragua.  It was by faith and at great expense [more than what we raised] that we made this journey.  Friends, these tracts have a very nice cover and a very powerfully illustrated gospel presentation in the first few pages.  We are so excited at how God will use these to reach souls and rescue them from the devil’s hell.  We’re praying for God’s help.

The Bible verse in Luke 8:11 tells us that the Word of God is as a seed to sower.  Now that we have obtained these and other gospel tracts, we are praying for financial partners to help us distribute them.  Please pray about helping us acomplish this work.  Get Involved


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