06/07/2017 The Lord hath made room for us. (Gen.26:22)

IMG_2669We have covered a lot  of territory in search of a location to concentrate our efforts to start worship services.  We’ve witnessed many potential locations and encountered some road-blocks after testing them out.  In Genesis 26, Isaac had been re-digging wells dug by his father Abraham that had been closed up by the Philistines.  The men of the area contended with Isaac about the ownership of those wells.  Isaac just moved on until he found a spot where there was no strife.  In Genesis 26:22, he called the well, Rehoboth, which means, “now the Lord hath made room for us.”  The Lord has now given us a place of peace and has blessed us for using the outdoor space of our home to conduct meetings to teach and preach the Bible  to adults and to children.  The people are coming and really enjoying the ministry of the Word.  We are praising God for this.

In addition, the plans are now firming up for a trip to minister to about 100 children from families that live up in the nearby mountains.  We are praying for the funds to do this as we are moving forward by faith and making the plans.  Would you like to partner with us?  Donations of any amount would be such an encouragement to us.  To donate, just select the Get Involved tab, or go to the Donate page. Blessings! Get Involved


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