12/05/2017 Life of a Missionary – Something new everyday.

Living in Honduras is an adventure.  We do not set out for it to be, but it just happens.  On Sunday, November 26, we had a swarm of bees show up early before Sunday School.  The bees were busy trying to serve their queen while I was busy serving Jesus, the King of Kings.  These bees were located close to where we minister to the children, but I felt it was okay to go ahead and have Sunday School.  The children were not in danger at all, but they sure were nervous walking past the colony.  After we had a great Sunday School and the kids left, I sent out a call for help to see if any of my Honduran friends knew who could remove bees without killing them.  Every option I was given turned out to be a dead end.  On the third day, we just prayed to God in a strong prayer that He would remove the bees and that we would not have to kill them.  We left our home for a night and when we came back the next day the bees were gone.  Friends that is just how God works and answers prayer.






Also on this same Sunday Honduras had its presidential elections.  Honduras has a lot of distrust of its government and this really came out when the opposition party saw its candidate’s lead go away and the incumbent finish with a lead of less than two percent.  Claims of a stolen election caused riots to breakout going into the weekend and the country is now in a big mess.  I have been talking with other missionaries in other cities to stay on top of the problem.  Chaos like this is what you would here about in the news of some other country, but we’re right in the middle of it.  Right now there is a nightly curfew.  There is not any gasoline and food is running out.  Everyone is affected because the supply lines are shut down.  In the midst of this, we are continuing to minister the Word of God to the people.  God is working in it.  We are going to treat this just like the colony of bees and pray that God will resolve and remove this crisis.  (Above is a picture of a roped off gas station and some soldiers keeping the peace by a bridge that was once blocked by protestors and fiery baracades. )  Would you join us in prayer and send us a email at <info@reachhonduras.com> to let us know you’re praying for us?  Blessings in Christ.