01/31/2018 “In as much as you have done it unto the least of these”

Service is not how you become a Christian.  Service, however, is a part of the life of a Christian.  In Matthew 25:31-46 we learn there will be a judgement with eternal consequences related to how well we’ve served others.  Matthew 25:33 speaks of a separation of the sheep from the goats.  The group that represents the sheep have done some things for the needy, but the group identified as the goats have not.   Jesus says in verse 40 that ministry to the poor is as unto Jesus himself.   To neglect this ministry is serious and results in eternal damnation.  My life is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus through ministry to the impoverished country of Honduras.  We not only want to share the Gospel that sets the captive free, but we also want to want to minister to the basic needs of folks.  Either way, we want to urge Christians to see their service as if they are serving the living Lord Jesus.  Think about that long and hard.