06/05/2020 “Wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph.6:12

The previous post on March 15 was posted on the day that the government of Honduras suspended constitutional rights and put everyone in lockdown as they followed the mantra and misguidings of the WHO. Next week on June 8 the government is begining to allow limited re-opening of the economy. Was all this warranted and do the measures accomplish any good? The answer is no. If you have the Holy Spirit and reasoning skills you can see this. Everyone without exception has to deal with this change and, as I referred to Job going through a trial in the 3/15/2020 post, we too should understand what is taking place from the light of Scripture. Judgement of the world is on the immediate horizon prior to the return of Christ. Spiritual forces of wickedness are at work in the high places in the air and on the earth. God wants us to be armoured up (Eph.6:10-18) and engaged in the spiritual battle (2Cor.10:3-6) so that we can win souls up to the end and clear the way for Jesus Christ, the righteous judge, to deal with the devil and the children of disobedience. In our ministry we have a clear goal from the Lord. Our prayer is for the resources to accomplish his work.