7/03/2022 Bid Them Come. (Luke 14:16-24)

This is a passage of the Bible that describes well what mission work is like in our region of the world.  The man made a great supper and evidently verse seventeen indicates the invited guests new about the event in advance.  When the host’s servants went out to announce “Come; for all things are now ready”, the excuses that people were making were not coming from inconvenience of short notice, rather from pure and blatant disrespect.  The invited guests lied by making silly excuses, and this is why the master of the house was so angry (verse 21).  So the servants were sent out to the obscure places to bring in the poor and outcast people (verse 21).  This precisely describes the majority of the work as a missionary.  I have bid so many to “Come”.  However, of those that have said, I will come, very few have come to meetings.  Of those that come to meetings, none of those have continued with us.  These would be people that even made a quote ‘profession of faith’.  They all come up with excuses, which, the majority of the time, are lies.  This is the tough part of mission work.  Jesus told us that the world hated Him, and that the world would hate us too (Mat.10:22, Jn.15:18).   I have to keep reminding myself that I am the servant doing the Lord’s work.