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Bio for Mr. and Mrs. __, Independent Baptist Missionaries to Honduras.

Mr. __ answered the call to missions in 2004 and was serving in Honduras when the Lord brought his wife into his life.   Mrs. __ was serving the Lord as an elementary teacher in private Christian education and had always felt she would marry a pastor or a missionary.  Mr. __ came off of the mission field to be wed to Mrs. __ and complete a seminary degree as a part of his preparation for further ministry in Honduras.  In December of 2015, the __ family moved to Honduras begin ministry to plant a church.

The __ family is sent out of a large Independent Baptist church in Northwest Houston.  (For security we cannot publish the name, but you can contact us through the “contact” page if you would like the name.)

About Mr. __’s Testimony

Mr. __ met the Lord Jesus at age 29 and as he describes it, he was radically saved.  He gave up everything in order to devote as much time as possible to reading the Bible to understand his new life in Christ.  Mr. __ had a desire from the beginning to share his faith with others.  He worked with door-to-door evangelism and the preaching ministry at the Star of Hope homeless shelter in Houston.  Mr. __ made mission trips to Mexico, Africa and Guatemala before receiving the call of God to full time missions ministry in Honduras.   As Mr. __ says, “It was in the year 2000 that God opened my eyes to the Spanish speaking population around me and led me to begin to self-immerse my self in study of the Spanish language.  The purpose was not revealed to me until I was on the trip to Guatemala in early 2004.  While on this trip, God gave me a clear call to come out of the United States for full time ministry to the Central American Country of Honduras.”   Just four months later Mr. __ had his financial support in place and went to live in La Ceiba, Honduras as an independent Baptist Missionary representing World Hope Ministries International [WHMI] based in Houston, Texas.  Through this ground breaking work in the first Spanish speaking country for WHMI and the local Honduran pastor that Mr. __ was brought in contact with by God and whom God chose to represent the ministry, the gospel has been preached to several thousand, a couple of new churches have been planted and Seminary courses are being brought to the leaders through WHMI’s Bible Institute.  Mr. __, along with his faithful wife, are underway with Iglesia Bautista Independiente El Porvenir in the community of El Porvenir.  Mr. __ loves the Spanish speaking people and to worship with the hymns of the Christian faith.


  • MBE  
  • BBA
  • Evangelism Explosion Trainer

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