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01/31/2018 “In as much as you have done it unto the least of these”

Service is not how you become a Christian.  Service, however, is a part of the life of a Christian.  In Matthew 25:31-46 we learn there will be a judgement with eternal consequences related to how well we’ve served others.  Matthew 25:33 speaks of a separation of the sheep from the goats.  The group that represents the sheep have done some things for the needy, but the group identified as the goats have not.   Jesus says in verse 40 that ministry to the poor is as unto Jesus himself.   To neglect this ministry is serious and results in eternal damnation.  My life is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus through ministry to the impoverished country of Honduras.  We not only want to share the Gospel that sets the captive free, but we also want to want to minister to the basic needs of folks.  Either way, we want to urge Christians to see their service as if they are serving the living Lord Jesus.  Think about that long and hard.

12/05/2017 Life of a Missionary – Something new everyday.

Living in Honduras is an adventure.  We do not set out for it to be, but it just happens.  On Sunday, November 26, we had a swarm of bees show up early before Sunday School.  The bees were busy trying to serve their queen while I was busy serving Jesus, the King of Kings.  These bees were located close to where we minister to the children, but I felt it was okay to go ahead and have Sunday School.  The children were not in danger at all, but they sure were nervous walking past the colony.  After we had a great Sunday School and the kids left, I sent out a call for help to see if any of my Honduran friends knew who could remove bees without killing them.  Every option I was given turned out to be a dead end.  On the third day, we just prayed to God in a strong prayer that He would remove the bees and that we would not have to kill them.  We left our home for a night and when we came back the next day the bees were gone.  Friends that is just how God works and answers prayer.






Also on this same Sunday Honduras had its presidential elections.  Honduras has a lot of distrust of its government and this really came out when the opposition party saw its candidate’s lead go away and the incumbent finish with a lead of less than two percent.  Claims of a stolen election caused riots to breakout going into the weekend and the country is now in a big mess.  I have been talking with other missionaries in other cities to stay on top of the problem.  Chaos like this is what you would here about in the news of some other country, but we’re right in the middle of it.  Right now there is a nightly curfew.  There is not any gasoline and food is running out.  Everyone is affected because the supply lines are shut down.  In the midst of this, we are continuing to minister the Word of God to the people.  God is working in it.  We are going to treat this just like the colony of bees and pray that God will resolve and remove this crisis.  (Above is a picture of a roped off gas station and some soldiers keeping the peace by a bridge that was once blocked by protestors and fiery baracades. )  Would you join us in prayer and send us a email at <> to let us know you’re praying for us?  Blessings in Christ.



10/25/2017 Managing a growing ministry

It is such a joy to see children and adults responding to the invitation to worship the Lord and study the Bible.  We’re seeing souls repenting and trusting Christ through the preaching and the street witnessing.  Our needs are great to respond to this growth.   We’re busting at the seams.  Consequently, we spend a lot of time in prayer for the Lord’s help.  I am encouraged by Acts 2:41-47 and Acts 6 as to how the Holy Spirit works to add to the number and then increases the workers.   We’re praying for the provision of God for needs.

Children’s Ministry


08/28/2017 Serious About Sin. “If thy right hand offend thee…” Matt.5:30

Friends, one of the signs that someone is truly receiving or responding to Jesus is when they repent and start changing their life.  Question for you.  Is it your opinion that Jesus was just using a figure of speech in Matthew 5:30?  Do you think that surely Jesus (the one who gave His life on the cross for the sins of the world) would not really mean that anyone should cut off a hand or gouge out an eye?  Friends, the answer is yes! YES!  Hell is as real as God has declaredl.  Therefore you would be wise to believe Jesus,  and repent.  The man in this photo is taking steps of repentance.  Here is a man that is repenting.  He lives in a very gang infested area, but through him I have gained permission from the gangs to minister in his neighborhood.  We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in these people’s hearts.

08/21/2017 Ministry in the mountains.

After several months of planning and a few weeks of rain delays, we were finally able to drive into the mountains with a team to minister to a large group of families living above San Juan Pueblo.  One of the locals traveled through the region days in advance to invite the people to come down and meet us at a building that serves as a community center.  My friend’s church receives packages for kids from Samaritans Purse.  We planned to preach the gospel first and give out the gifts last.  Jesus is by far the most important gift.  God forbid that we should not preach Jesus.

After a hard drive we arrived at our destination to find a large crowd.   We greeted the friends and got started.  I preached the gospel and my friends followed with ministy to the children.  They did one of the best childrens ministry events I have ever witnessed.  Of the 45 children, 12 expressed a desire to trust Christ as saviour.  The Samaritans Purse gifts were very appropriate and practical for these kids.  Good job guys!

Some weeks went by and messengers are coming and asking us to come back for the preaching ministry.  Please pray with us for the funds to come in to continue this outreach.  It is our hope to have a regular ministry to this community and the many others like it that we are discovering.  We know this  will eventually take an all terrain vehicle, so we are praying for the funds for such.  May Christ continue to be exalted.  If you would like to help and become a partner with us, you can contact us through the Contact Us page.  The fields are white unto harvest, but we need your help.  Get Involved

Rough Terrain.
Preaching the Gospel of Jesus.
Children praising Jesus
Touching hearts. Changing lives.
Kids with gifts before opening them.

06/27/2017 Save me a seat!

We had our biggest turnout this past Sunday evening.   What’s surprising is that it was actually raining.  Unfortunately we did not have enough chairs.  That did not seem to be a problem, but it will be if we keep coming up short.  We’re praying for the Lord’s help to buy more chairs.

Receiving a Bible.

We are so excited that we have an opportunity to go to the mountains to share the gospel with the unreached people there.  We are partnering with a church in a nearby town, San Juan Pueblo, to accomplish this outreach.  There will be five adults and two teenagers going.   We will have six river crossings in our journey to reach these people.  We are currently praying that the rains will hold off so the rivers will be low.

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06/07/2017 The Lord hath made room for us. (Gen.26:22)

IMG_2669We have covered a lot  of territory in search of a location to concentrate our efforts to start worship services.  We’ve witnessed many potential locations and encountered some road-blocks after testing them out.  In Genesis 26, Isaac had been re-digging wells dug by his father Abraham that had been closed up by the Philistines.  The men of the area contended with Isaac about the ownership of those wells.  Isaac just moved on until he found a spot where there was no strife.  In Genesis 26:22, he called the well, Rehoboth, which means, “now the Lord hath made room for us.”  The Lord has now given us a place of peace and has blessed us for using the outdoor space of our home to conduct meetings to teach and preach the Bible  to adults and to children.  The people are coming and really enjoying the ministry of the Word.  We are praising God for this.

In addition, the plans are now firming up for a trip to minister to about 100 children from families that live up in the nearby mountains.  We are praying for the funds to do this as we are moving forward by faith and making the plans.  Would you like to partner with us?  Donations of any amount would be such an encouragement to us.  To donate, just select the Get Involved tab, or go to the Donate page. Blessings! Get Involved


05/22/2017 Romans Witnessing Tracts: Your Part – Luke 8:11

Epistol to the Romans gospel tracts RV1960 Spanish
Epistle to the Romans gospel tracts RV1960 Spanish

We attended language school in Costa Rica for 12 weeks and just returned to Honduras a few days ago.  We made the decision to drive because we planned to pick up several thousand copies of the Book of Romans gospel tracts on our way back through Nicaragua.  It was by faith and at great expense [more than what we raised] that we made this journey.  Friends, these tracts have a very nice cover and a very powerfully illustrated gospel presentation in the first few pages.  We are so excited at how God will use these to reach souls and rescue them from the devil’s hell.  We’re praying for God’s help.

The Bible verse in Luke 8:11 tells us that the Word of God is as a seed to sower.  Now that we have obtained these and other gospel tracts, we are praying for financial partners to help us distribute them.  Please pray about helping us acomplish this work.  Get Involved


05/22/2017 Traffic Stop Witnessing – 2 Corinthians 9:6

Traffic Stop Witnessing Costa Rica
Traffic Stop Witnessing
Costa Rica

As we were making our drive from Liberia, Costa Rica, to the border of Nicaragua, we came to some road construction.  They alternated the traffic and we took the opportunity to give out some gospel tracts and witness.  The verse about going out to the highways and byways comes to mind.  You can never fail when giving out the gospel.  This event lasted about 25 minutes

Sharing Jesus while leaving Costa Rica and going into Nicaragua
Sharing Jesus while leaving Costa Rica and going into Nicaragua

and then we were driving again.  As a full time missionary we depend on financial partners to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The  verse 2 Corinthians 2:9 tells us that if we sow abundantly we will reap abundantly.  That’s our heart, our soul, and our mission. Get Involved

04/23/2017 Enduring Through Difficulties (2 Tim. 2:3)

The verse says, “Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” (2 Tim.2:3)  As Christians, we are made new creations by the Lord Jesus and we must separate from the old life as the Spirit of Christ directs.  It’s comparable to a real life soldier and how he joins and serves.  As a missionary we face many challenges in our line of duty.  In all circumstances we trust the Lord to get us through so God can get the Glory.

Volcano Turialba WebCam Tonight
Volcano Turialba WebCam Tonight

We’re starting our 9th week in Costa Rica studying Spanish to be fully equiped for our mission field.  We have faced a few trials this past week.  We have had the axle caps stolen from our truck.  The volcano that is spewing ash has caused my wife to develop a kind of bronchitis.  We got help from an American doctor that serves the students at the Language Institute.  He prescribed for my wife an inhaler and two other medications.  The recovery will take about three weeks, but she is a trooper and still studying and attending classes.  We’re still praying daily for the funds to keep us here for another five weeks.  For now, we’re walking by faith in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:3.

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